Education plays a vital part in securing the future of agriculture and horticulture, and ultimately, agricultural shows.

This fascinating industry offers careers in agronomy, research, logistics, marketing, nutrition, herd management, accountancy, policy advice and electrical engineering to name a few, yet recent surveys suggest that only 4% of young people would consider a career in farming or food supply.

ASAO member events are therefore an important educational resource and provide prominent platforms across the country for raising the profile of the food and farming sector.

The ASAO is proud to work closely with like-minded organisations to spread the passion, increase awareness of where food comes from and demonstrate how farmers and growers manage the countryside environment.

Education is about inspiring minds, sharing knowledge and instilling values and confidence in students, in order to prepare them for the challenges of the workplace and the ASAO supports the delivery of a whole host of curriculum-based educational activities including learning days, interactive workshops, professional development placements, farm visits, countryside projects and nature trails.