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30th June - 11th July 2020

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Circling the World: Circular Economy and Agriculture

The 29th Commonwealth Agriculture Conference will focus on improving the interaction of circular economies and agriculture in sustainability; overcoming the challenges that food production currently poses.

  • The Conference is being held in Norfolk, UK from 7th July to 9th July 2020 and aims to:

  • - Look into key trends that are going to characterise agriculture and food production over the next 20 years;

  • - Consider what is already happening in meeting sustainability goals using examples drawn from across the Commonwealth;

  • - Develop an understanding of circular economies within agriculture and how it can be applied in developed and developing countries;

  • - Enhance a better understanding how agricultural associations and show societies, working jointly and separately, can make an impact.

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James Hill


01603 731 931




University of East Anglia, Norwich Research Park, NORWICH, NORFOLK, NR4 7TJ