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Four Seasons of Farming comes to The Royal Cheshire County Show – Knutsford 20th & 21st June

Farming has never been more in the public eye than the last few years – so what better time to take the 80,000 strong show crowd on an exciting journey through the farming year.

An exciting new Delemere Dairies main ring attraction has been designed by the show organisers to bring modern farming techniques to life.

Introducing them to the giants of modern farming technology from ploughs to combines, visitors will see first hand the power of the machines used to bring their food to the table.

Reflecting the different agricultural processes deployed throughout the year including ploughing, drilling, spraying and harvesting, the display will capture the imaginations of young and old with demonstrations of the fascinating processes involved in modern farming.

“We want to showcase the enormous combined effort that goes into producing food,” said Show Chairman, Tony Garnett. “Farming has become an abstract process that few really understand and associate with the food on their plates. We want to help bridge this gap and at the same time ignite an interest in youngsters who could be our farmers of the future.”

Along with the main ring attraction, the spectacle of the Agri Centre is a must-see for all visitors who want to learn more about where their food comes from and how it’s delivered from the region’s producers to their plates through fun, lively, interactive displays.

The Royal Cheshire County Show’s exceptional show animals, exclusive performances, favourite attractions, bustling trade and agricultural pride mean there is something for everyone – from children learning where their food comes from, to sports fans on the edge of their seats watching the show jumping. Attracting over 80,000 visitors each year, the show encapsulates everything we know and love about summertime in Cheshire.

About The Cheshire County Show
For more than 175 years, the Cheshire show has been the premier summertime agricultural event in the North West of England. In 2016 we reached an exciting milestone in our rich history when the honour of ‘Royal’ status was bestowed on the show by the Cabinet Office. The 2016 event saw the inauguration of the newly titled, Royal Cheshire County Show and we provided a fun-packed, memorable occasion for our visitors, competitors and exhibitors alike. Whilst still enjoying the many wonderful memories from this landmark year, we are now already looking forward to our next event on the 20th and 21st June 2017.

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