We need your help!

The ASAO Council will be meeting on 20th September to discuss the TB issues that we experienced this summer. This meeting will provide the input to Paul Hooper’s annual October meeting with DEFRA during which they will discuss TB issues as well as general DEFRA matters affecting our show industry.

In advance of the Council’s meeting on 20th September we would be grateful for your feedback, please, so that it can be collated and forwarded to the DEFRA team in advance of the October meeting.

Please could you take a few moments to answer the following:

Your Show name:

Show date:

Your Show, is it in a Low Risk Area or a High Risk Area?

Entries, do you take them from: a HR Area, a LR Area, or both?

Pre-movement tests, did you insist on ALL cattle attending had a pre-movement test as a SHOW rule?
If yes, did this reduce your numbers?
If no, did you segregate the cattle dependant on their TB classification?

TB certificates:
Did you check them?
Did Trading Standards or APHA check them?

Has your cattle section been affected by the TB rules:
The new rules for 2016?

Did you consider the option of applying for an exempt show?
If no, why not?
If yes,
(a) was the application easy?
(b) was it worthwhile?
(c) did it cause any other complications with your AGO or any other licenses?

Was your Show, or do you know of any show, that was cancelled due to the 2016 TB rule changes?

For 2017, would you have a request for the ASAO Council to consider any changes?

If the ASAO was to recommend to DEFRA that all animals attending a show were to undergo a pre-movement test, do you have a view?

Thank you in anticipation of your help. Please could you respond by 14th September.