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RCAA launch Agriculture Careers Project

The Royal Cornwall Agricultural Association (RCAA) is pleased to launch their Agricultural Careers Videos,
aimed at children in Primary and Secondary Schools in Cornwall.

With the help of Oatey Media, we have put together a series of 14 short videos, carefully curated over the
past 12 months, to highlight the exciting and diverse opportunities available in the agricultural sector. And
it’s not just farming that we look at, but other related industries and supply chains, such as machinery
engineering, food production, and even veterinary science.

As we move through the series, we discover that there are a wide range of agricultural careers for all skills,
interests and backgrounds.

We hear from some of the best that Cornwall has to offer, our young professionals, who are at the forefront
and future of our industry, taking some time out of their busy schedules to help inspire the next generation!
We hope that these videos will serve as inspiration to young people in schools when thinking about their
career options over the coming years, we highlight that you don’t have to come from a farming background
to consider a job in agriculture.

As part of our Farm and Country initiative here at RCAA, we hope that these videos can serve as part of our
education programme that we run across the county, with our ‘Farm & Country on the Road’ trailer, and
serve as a resource for teachers when educating their students about careers.