OnePlan is a collaborative event and venue planning platform, allowing event planners to map, plan and procure successful events in real-time. It supports event planners and suppliers to plan safer events by utilising intuitive space planning and measurement tools within a global mapping platform. Providing the full suite of event planning , design and management tools, OnePlan is the single source of truth for your events.

Our Social Distancing Toolkit is designed to help outdoor event planners deliver safe and successful events, and plan areas for Covid tests and vaccination checks. Our toolkit enables event organisers to plot how to run temperature tests and vaccination checks on arrival, as well as calculate the expected duration and direction of crowd flow.

With canvas and satellite imagery up to 16x higher resolution than standard, OnePlan enables centimetre accurate event and site planning. For those planning events in the UK, we offer direct access to Ordnance Survey mapping, providing accurate base plans for the whole of the UK including accurate and up-to-date road and path layouts.


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