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Videos set to enlighten primary school children about farming and food

A suite of six educational videos has been launched by the Royal Cornwall Agricultural Association (RCAA) with the aim of reconnecting children with agriculture and food production.

Dairy, livestock, poultry and arable farming are among the subjects covered by the films, along with fruit and vegetable production and seafood.

A number of Cornish farming enterprises and food producers feature in the videos and have willingly offered their assistance to help create them.

James Kittow, a local butcher and beef farmer, was only too pleased to participate in the making of the videos, which were captured and produced by Oatey Media.

He said:”It is such an important part of any child’s education to understand where food comes from and how it gets on to our plates.
We had great fun filming our Red Ruby and Dexter cattle in the field as well the butchery and sausage making in the cutting plant.
We are so lucky in Cornwall because we are surrounded by food producers and I don’t think there are any here who wouldn’t want to help the future generations understand the journey our food takes from field to fork.”

This initiative is the latest in a line of educational activities that the RCAA has introduced as part of its objective to promote farming and food production in Cornwall.

In recent weeks a mobile outreach educational trailer was launched by the charity that will take farming and food education into Cornish primary schools.

RCAA Education Coordinator, Emma Parkyn, said:
“The levels of understanding among children of how food is created has been eroded, even in rural areas like Cornwall, so all of our efforts are targeted to help reverse this trend.

We’re passionate about ensuring the consumers of the future are more aware of how their food is produced and in turn they can make informed decisions about what they eat. We’ll be sharing the videos with primary schools across Cornwall and the rest of the UK so that they can be utilised to enlighten pupils for years to come.”

The videos can be viewed online by visiting www.royalcornwallshow.org/education/farming-food-educational-videos.
For more information about the RCAA’s educational work please contact Emma Parkyn on 01208 817016 or email: emmaparkyn@royalcornwall.co.uk.