Cleverdata build data management solutions for many different types of business.

Cleverdata Show Manager has been used by show organisers in England, Scotland and Wales since 1998, when it was installed for the Cumberland Agricultural Society. Through a close relationship with our users we continue to develop this application, their feedback ensures we maintain an up to date and comprehensive tool for shows.

Cleverdata Show Manager is a modular data system of Contacts, Entries, Judging, Results & Trophies, Trade, Sponsorship, Advertising and Tickets & Membership. Each show society purchases only the modules which will be useful to them. The most basic installation costs only £400.00 + VAT.

Cleverdata Show Manager works the way you do! It is easy to set up by inputting your records from a manual system, or Cleverdata may be able to import them from a simple database or spreadsheet. You do not need any special computer skills or additional training to use this tool to efficiently handle your data and produce useful information, e.g. class lists, judges’ books, schedules & programme, letters, mailshots, invoices/receipts, labels, past exhibitors/trade reports, results, etc.

Cleverdata Show Manager integrates with online entry systems to import entry data for storage, extensive analysis and detailed reporting.

Cleverdata provides remote desktop support directly to your office for training, support and updates.

Please contact Cleverdata, or any of our Cleverdata Show Manager users, to find out more about how this tool could help with the success of your event.

Further information, sample reports and a program demo are available on request.


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