Iventis Ltd

Iventis is an online, collaborative mapping and planning platform
designed specifically for event organisers. The platform is designed
for use by everyone in the team who needs to create, manage or
access spatial information and plans.
Our philosophy is to allow the users who are experts in their
respective fields and have the best knowledge of their plans,
to contribute their data directly. This enables plans to be pulled
together quickly without the need for GIS, CAD or design resources
to visualise and publish information. The platform can be entirely
accessed via your browser with permission and user account
managed through an easy-to-use admin portal.
With the increase in remote working since 2020, Iventis has become
a must-have tool for organisers at all stages of the roadmap from
concept design, bidding through to event delivery and activation.
We aim to bring the power of visual, geographic planning to the
whole team.

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